Uber India Customer Care Toll Free & Email Address

By | May 15, 2017

Uber India Customer Care Toll Free

Uber India Customer Care Toll Free and Email Address

Uber is a transport service company based out of United states of America. User can book a Uber cab using Uber mobile application and cab will reach at their door step. Uber operates in more than 60 countries across globe. Uber started its operations in India in 2013 and has grown exponentially. Uber is facing direct competition from Ola cabs in India.

Uber is very reliable and comfortable . They always come up with new services to better customer experience. However they have been in news for wrong reasons also due to their drivers. We will share you list of Uber India Customer Care toll free and Email address for resolving the issues and answer to customer query. Uber is very pocket friendly and hence becoming very popular. Just Like UBER Their is also a local Indian Company which is also providing Taxi Service and the Company Name Is OLA Cabs.

Issues/Queries for which Uber India Customer Care can be contacted

  • Customer can’t update mobile or email
  • How do customer set a payment method as default
  • Updating a payment method on customer account
  • Payment with cash
  • Customer forgot his password
  • Customer password reset link is not working
  • Customer want to reactivate his account
  • Customer has outstanding payment
  • Why was customer payment declined
  • How is driver rating determined?
  • Customizing customer invite code
  • Customer is not receiving receipts or emails
  • Email, SMS, and push notification management
  • Setting up a business profile
  • Delete customer business profile
  • Delete customer Uber account
  • Updating customer account settings
  • Pending charge on my payment account
  • Why was customer receipt updated
  • Customer is charged twice
  • Customer account has been hacked

Uber India Customer Care Toll Free

Unfortunately there are no dedicated customer care number for India however there are some support International numbers which can be contacted. Below we will provide other ways to contact Uber India Customer care number.

  • 18665761039 is Uber International customer care number for technical support. If you are facing any issue with Uber app this number can be contacted.
  • 14159862104 is Uber International customer care number for corporate users. Uber provides services for corporate also and has dedicated support number for same
  • 8443265774 is Uber Emergency number. This can be contacted in cases like accident etc.

Uber India Customer Care Toll Free and Email Address

Uber India Customer care Email Address

Another way to communicate with Uber India Customer care is through email . Customers can drop mail to below mentioned email address and you will be replied very soon . Uber Customer care executives are very fast. In today’s generation mail is a better way to communicate if it is not very urgent. UBER Customer Care Toll Free Numbers are Available Here as well as On the Official Portal Of UBER.

  • support@uber.com
  • supporthyderabad@uber.com
  • supportjaipur@uber.com
  • supportdelhi@uber.com
  • supportbangalore@uber.com

As mentioned above there is no separate contact number for India support but Uber has dedicated email address for India and its major cities.

Also Uber customers can go to Help section of Uber application or Uber website. Uber application is available on android, iOS, windows and blackberry

We have tried our level best to share correct and updated details for Uber India Customer care numbers.With above information any problem related to Uber India can be resolved. However if you need some other information you can contact us through comments section and we will revert shortly on same.

You can refer to our other articles for customer care number. Also you can bookmark our website for latest updates on customer care numbers.


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30 thoughts on “Uber India Customer Care Toll Free & Email Address

  1. Neha saha

    I have charged double with my ride wid uber I seem to pay 153 bt paid 345. I have complained at 11:30 am 2 may 2017 yet not received any rply from uber.

    1. Abs

      Please go to “Your Trips” and click on “I would like a refund”.
      Then select your issue – I was overcharged. Your money would be refunded.

  2. Manish

    Totally fraoud with senior citizen patient.
    I have booked a taxi for aiims delhi to greater noida.
    After reaching the destination driver cheated and taken extra charge.
    What should i do….
    Can i complain to cyber cell or consumer for uber?

  3. D K KALRA

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your response. In fact , I had tried UBER services only once before. It was the driver who had expressed his inability /reluctance to come for pick up. He was stationed near Krishna Mandir which is approx. 0.5 km from my residence. He only suggested that I cancel booking. This was a long time ago. Thereafter I NEVER TRIED UBER SERVICE on account of this experience. Hence the cancellation chargs are not justified as a matter of principle.
    Yesterdays driver was good and his response was also Good. I have no complaints against him. In fact if the total fare had been more , I would not have objected. It is the earlier driver who refused to come, who needs to be penalised.
    Please look into it and register my PROTEST at this wrong and injudicious charge.

  4. Francis

    Very worst service… we have board the cab around 10.15pm today from central railway station Chennai.But the driver has taken one long route instead of easy route and it’s almost 3 or 4 km extra for us and we end up in paying 378.99 rupees… and the driver response is too bad… very disappointed with uber.

  5. kavitha

    I HV been charged for cancellation which I never cancelled… The driver himself cancelled the ride…I need my refund of 50 rs

  6. kavitha

    I z charged for cancellation which the diver himself cancelled

  7. Sai

    Dear Uber,

    I received a FLAT25 coupon on applying this I can travel till 12kms within Hyderabad city and pay only 25 INR.
    I applied this coupon and booked an Uber. Driver cancelled the trip by himslef as he was irritated with pickup point.
    Later I was charged 53 rupees which is insane. Why should I pay the charge when driver cancelled the trip.

    Main thing is that, why my coupon is not applicable as I did not use it any time – this make me wonder for the cheap tricks played by Uber. If there are no offers do not provide but if you have given us an offer you must provide it.

    Do the need immediately !!

    Frustrated customer,

  8. Prasanna Kumar jain

    My uber app is not working while entering my mobile no it tell me please visit to uber.com

  9. John

    I was charged Rs63 by a stupid uber driver in Delhi who cancelled the cab by himself without my notice. This penalty is unfair and should be removed immediately because some lazy fraud punk uber drivers are taking advantage of it. They cancel the taxi at any time and finally the innocent passengers will be billed. Uber should do something about this criminal acts by their lazy drivers

  10. Sai praneeth

    Waste service dont even respond to mails but they know how to steal money illegally

  11. Leon

    I use Uber internationally and when I arrived in India on 2April 2017. I tried to book a ride, but Uber was block due to outstanding amount from South Africa. 25 ZAR. I had to add this to the ride before I could continue to book the ride.
    But this didnt clear the outstanding amount. Every time I book a uber car I have to now pay this 25ZAR.
    Can you assist to clear this from my Uber account and refund me for the over charge amount for the past 12 rides. From 2 April 17

  12. Vijayalakshmi

    I am unable to use my offers while booking uber drive online… how to apply the offer while booking

  13. kishan

    i have lost all my previous ride amount details . i have updated the uber app . now i cant see any of my previous rides details . please help me with it ..

  14. Chowdary Panguluri

    Hi Uber,

    I need trip bills from 7th and 8th 14th of this month.

    Can you please provide me ASAP. can you please provide me in below mail id.

    MY details:

    Chowdary Panguluri


  15. Dilip

    When i was booking the ride ,it shows 29rs only because of flat 29 offer was there but once i ended the ride they charged 90rs..
    At the time of booking surge was not showing but after final bill 1.3x surge got applied.
    They are cheating with the customer s…
    Very dissatisfied with the uber…

  16. Suvrat Aggarwal

    I am suvrat aggarwal from delhi, i want to bring to your notice that i had a horrifying experience with your cab company. Today (17/05/017) afternoon my mother booked an uber cab from vaishali to ip extension, the car number HR55AA2082(white wagonR) arrived them to pick them. The driver “Naushad” was no less than an arrogant driver. My mother asked to increase the temperature of AC as it was hot outside to which the driver replied that it cannot be increased. My mother urged one more time to which the driver arrogantly replied that he owns 25 cars in the company and he stopped the car and asked my mother to step out. This is not acceptable by a company like uber. Uber should provide their services with ease and more manners to be precise. The drivers should have a basic sense of responsibilty when they are driving with women. They cant ask any woman to step out midway.
    I firmly request uber to take an action against this driver and let him know the importance of customers and his responsibilty towards women.
    Driver details are as follows:
    Name: Naushad
    Car: WagonR (white)
    Car number: HR55AA2082
    Contact Number of Driver: +91 9910724801

    I again put pressure on the company to take an against this driver to set an example for other drivers. I will wait for a reply from the company.

  17. Jayaram

    Not able to login to my account.
    Many complaints on deaf ears.
    Please look in to this issue

  18. Raj

    Yesterday night I booked uber but my driver came with different vehicles 7285 in place 6923
    I complain to uber and Mr. Ahmed callled on driver’s mobile I told him everything about incident
    Now today morning I am unable to open my uber app

    1. Yuva vaishnavi

      Such a rough speaking drivers r in uber surely I’m going to file a complaint in consumer court I’ve all the video proofs how rough they speak with the passengers

  19. op chaudhary

    i read many times fraud in uber thrs why i didn’t prefer uber ride can u stop this fraud by using OTP like ola cabs thn no will suffer and i m sure all frauds completely stop i hope u will take suitable action regarding these frauds as soon as possible

  20. swapnil

    on booking time uber app shows RS.132 only & after comlete the ride it shows RS 228.20 how can is possible. Also the driver take more time. it was totaly unexcepted by Uber.

  21. Ajay

    Location Services turned off.. What is this issue? I have not changed my settings and this message appeared on my screen.

    Due to this I am unable to book a cab.

    Please help.



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